What is a Will?

No-one likes to think about making a Will as it forces people to contemplate their own mortality.  But a Will is possibly the most important document you will ever have to consider in your life.

In simple terms, a Will is a document that lets you put in writing your wishes upon your death. 

We believe that everyone over the age of 18 years, no matter the size of your Assets, should have a valid Will.

A Will allows you to nominate how and to who (“beneficiaries”) your assets (“your Estate”) are to be distributed upon your death.  If you die without a will (or “intestate”) your Assets will be distributed in accordance with intestancy laws which may result in someone not receiving a part of your Estate that you wanted.  Further, someone not of your choosing will be appointed to distribute your assets (“Executor”)

  • Important things to consider when contemplating your Will are:
  • who do i trust to appoint as my Executor to carry out my wishes;
  • who do I want to leave my assets to;
  • who will i trust to appoint as Guardian of my minor children; and
  • a replacement Executor if the person first appointed is unable or unwilling to act.

We believe that you should conduct a review of your Will every 5 years to ensure that it reflects your current situation and wishes.

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